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Structural Analysis and Design is the most important part in Building Design. The overall building stability depends on it. Cost Effective and safe design is the key responsibility of a structural Engineer. Proper analysis and design lead a building’s safer Life and Low-cost construction. There are so many parameters to consider in Structural Analysis and Design. SHELLMARK LIMITED is the Best structural Design and civil Engineering Firm is Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are dealing with Structural Consultancy Services for more than 10 years in Bangladesh.

Our Structural Design Services:

  •   Residential Buildings
  •   Commercial Buildings
  •   Hospital and Medical College
  •   Residential Hotels and Resorts
  •   Educational Institutions
  •   Duplex and Triplex Villa
  •   Vacation House and Firm House
  •   High Rise Building
  •   Pre-Engineered Steel Building
  •   Structural Retrofitting
  •   Earthquake Resistance Building
  •   Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA)
  •   Mosque and Religious Building

Our Structural Analysis and Design Process:

Step-01: Program Formulations:

In this step, General project information’s are collected. Architectural Designs are reviewed for selection of Building Frame systems. Structural Irregularities are considered in this Phase. The following considerations are noted down:

  •  Location of the Building
  •  Number of Stories
  •  Number of Basement Floors or not
  •  Number of Units at Each Floor
  • Types of Occupancy/Building Use
  • Types of Foundation Soil
  • Height of Plinth Level
  • Types of Exposures
  • Surrounding Structures
  • Floor to Floor Height
  • Roof Top Usage
  • Use of Ground floor
  • If you fail to Apply for Construction Permit within this period, you have to take Special Project Approval again.

Step-2: Selection of Framing Systems:

As per Architectural Design and Building height, framing systems are selected. There are different types of building Framing systems are listed below:

  • Load Bearing System
  • Beam, Column System
  • Beam, Column& Shear Wall System
  • Tubular System
  • Branched Tube System
  • Branched Tube System
  • Tube in Tube System

Step-3: Selection of Foundation Type:

After analyzing and reviewing the soil Test report,a preliminary Foundation Type can be selected. The Foundation type depends on the bearing capacity of sub-soil. There are two types of Foundations:

  • Shallow Foundation-Footing Foundation
  • Deep Foundation-Pile Foundation

Step-4: Load Calculation of Building:

Load calculation is the most important part in Structural Design. An experienced Structural Engineer always calculate the superimposed load in efficient way. Different types of loads are calculated in Building Design are listed below:

  • Dead Loads-Self Weight of Building, Fixed Walls, Fixed Furnitures, Fixed Equipment etc.
  • Live Loads – Human Loads, Temporary Partitions, Moveable Furniture’s, Moveable Equipment Floor Finish, False Ceiling etc.
  • Earthquake Load – Load Due to Earthquake
  • Wind Load- Load Due to Wind Flow
  • Snow Load- Load Due to Snow Fall

Step-5: Structural Analysis:

In this step, structural members are analyzed to compute the Moment, Shear and Torsion for each member. The support reaction also computed from the analysis result, which is used for foundation design. Top defection of the building and story drift are computed to allowable limit.

Step-6: Structural Design:

The Structural Analysis data are used for Structural Design. Individual members Like Beam, Column, Slab, Shear Wall are designed according to the Shear, Moment and Tensional Forces. The size of members and quantity of reinforce are designed finally. The concrete strength and yield strength of reinforce are considered in structural design. Safe and economic design is the key target to an experienced Structural Engineer.

Step-7: Drafting and Printing:

The designed data are computed with Auto CAD Drafting Software. The step by step design data are computed in separate sheets with proper detailing and specifications. Finally, the design sheets are delivered to the client in printed formats.


Structural Analysis and Design is a methodological works with sophisticated calculations. A small error caused a huge risk. An experience structural Engineering company may handle the whole process carefully. SHELLMARK LIMITED is the Best structural Design and Civil Engineering firm in Bangladesh.


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