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Low Cost Duplex House Design in Bangladesh

The cost of a Duplex House in Bangladesh Depends or various design and construction considerations. Most of the clients ask for Low Cost Duplex House Design in Bangladesh. Generally, the cost of a Duplex House varies from Tk. 2000/SFT to Tk. 5000/SFT depending on the use of construction materials. The factors of Duplex House cost are described below:

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Low Cost Duplex House Design in Bangladesh

1. Site Location:

The Cost of Duplex House depends on the site Locations. Generally, a duplex House in urban area costs more than the rural area. The value of Land and Labor cost are the main factor here. The use of local materials may reduce the cost of a Village Duplex House in Bangladesh.

2. Total Floor Area:

A Small duplex House can be built in minimum of 750 SFT Ground coverage area. So, the total floor area may be of 1500 SFT. But a Luxurious Duplex House with modern facilities required about 4000 SFT to 5000 SFT Ground Coverage. That’s why the cost depend on the total floor area.

3. Use of Finishing Materials:

The dominating Cost of a Duplex House in Bangladesh is use of finishing materials. Use of standard finishing materials may cost Tk. 2000/SFT to Tk. 3000/SFT. But if you use Luxurious finishing materials, the cost may vary from Tk. 3000/SFT To Tk. 5000/SFT

4. Design Concept:

The cost of duplex House in Bangladesh also depends on design Concept. A Classical Low Cost Duplex House can be built within Tk. 20 Lacs To Tk. 40 Lacs. But a Luxurious Modern Duplex House Cost about Tk. 50 Lacs to Tk. 5 Cores.

We Have designed numbers of Low Cost Duplex House in Bangladesh. To feel the ultimate Luxurious of your dream House. Hire a Best duplex house design firm in Bangladesh. SHELLMARK LIMITED is providing Luxurious and Modern Duplex House Design in Bangladesh for more than 10 years.

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